Thursday, March 25, 2010

A QUICK chick...

and my maiden voyage into the land of DIGITAL card making!

Alert the media ~ it's TRUE! I made a card using digital product! A darling chick image and this delicious argyle print from WPLUS9design! My dear design guru, Darling Dawn, has some delightful Easter images available on her website so be sure to visit if you are thinking EASTER!

Here's my sales pitch on behalf of Dawn's digital products.... " So easy, Elise could do it!"

No, REALLY! If you know me at alllllll, the road to technology has been long, bumpy and, frankly, quite painful! I'm all about stamps, ink and paper.... but DIGITAL? Hmmmmmm.... Well, don't be too frightened, I still used the images like they were stamps - but isn't that the fun part of the option!?! I printed the argyle background, played with the size for a while, added the "BIG easter wishes" sentiment and played with it's size, until I finally put it on TOP of the argyle and much to my delight, I was able to layer it, in WORD and the "BIG" letters stayed solid... So that was cool! I was happy that Dawn's instructions included a lot about doing the digital work in word, so YEAH! For the Photoshop phobes... Word is our friend! {Of course, if you're handy with the bigger graphics technology, you're golden there, too! Dawn has all of our bases covered!}

See! The end result is still pretty much the same - color, texture, image placement... Voila!

Hope you're all having a wonderful, crafty week! I miss you! My internet has been down in Scrapland, again... Wah! So, I've been a bit slow about my commenting and catching up with all the wonderful craftilicious things you've been up to... Hope to be by soon!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Digital Images - WPLUS9design
Digital background - (argyle) - WPLUS9design
Water Color Wonder Crayons - (color for Chick image) Stampin' Up!
Ribbon and Blingy ribbon charm - Making Memories
Corner Rounder - Creative Memories

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Lucky Stars!

I'm a lucky girl...

Darling kids, wonderful family and a terrific place to live... Truly LUCKY, indeed.

Unfortunately, I do not always have the benefit of that perspective. {Wah!} A lot of the time, I feel overworked, underpaid, under-appreciated and always, always behind... Especially with Thank You cards. I have the best of intentions, REALLY! The more I have to THANK, the grander my intentions and the bigger my creative ideas.... and mostly, the "behinder" I get...

Soooooooooo, I owe my mom A LOT OF THANKS! I know... She's my mom - of course I have a lot to thank her for! hee hee But she's just the most darling mom, living her BEST life, brave and true, and always, such a wonderful supporter, friend and FABULOUS grandmother, or NANNY as we call her. Anywhoo, I owe her, big time! Since she gave me the sum of my 50% Irish heritage, I get particularly THANKFUL around St. Patty's Day, so here's a little thing I put together for her...

If any of you lovely CHALLENGE oriented friends are rubbing your eyes wondering...
Those colors.... Weren't they? YES! Last weeks Color Throwdown Palette!

And the foldy-open orientation, YEP! The JUGS from last round... and, uh, NO, you didn't see them during the ACTUAL challenge period... Did I mention I get a lil' behind, every now and then...

Anyway, the project took on a life of its own and I decided to make it a little tribute to my lovely mom, in celebration of her very own Leprechauns! My two lil' pups... cavorting on our hill with some of our BIG pups and an whole lot-o-the-green! I've been stricken with Spring fever, I truly have!

Sorry for the many photos, but I made her a little card featuring... many photos....

I celebrated with these fantastic colors and many and multiple materials,
including LOTS of stamps, stickers, die-cut shapes and FUN!

I love projects like this where "old tackle" gets dumped easily and more = BETTER! At least in my mind! I had a total blast "building" this project ~ I hope my mom enjoys the perks... and that she'll forgive my long list of un-finished THANK YOUS!

Those faces should help my case, immensely!

Flippy-flopping fun and CHECK my gratitude list! Here's a bonus picture of my MOM and her babies and and some of their babies, from the grand 70th birthday party we held for her last summer!

Thanks, MOM! And thanks to all of you WONDERFUL blog friends! I'm delighted that you shared a bit of your day with me... Blogland is such a nice place to create, share, inspire and be inspired! I hope you are getting a huge dose of spring on this fabulous day! Enjoy!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - Stampin' Up!; Wplus9design; Hero Arts
Stickers - Jolee's by you; Bo-Bunny Press; Mrs. Grossman's
Ink - Stampin' Up!
Punches - Martha Stewart; EK; Fiskars; Stampin' Up!
Die Cut Shapes - Sizzix + S/U! and Tim Holtz

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More FUN with color!

Courtesy of Dawn Woleslagle and her new and improved color challenge, another swatch of breathtaking color to inspire!

And my take on the colors..... (I think I interpreted the teal a bit bright... but that's color for ya! Hope you don't mind!)

I had such a blast with these colors and stamps! I really let myself PLAY with images, texture and color... AND, I confess, I mixed a few of Dawn's WPLUS9 stamp sets to optimize my greetings.... {Fun! Fun! Fun!} Additionally, I exercised the "poymer-tunity" of flipping the owl image onto it's back side and used the non-detailed image to create a mirror shape that I used in "Pinky" owl's thought balloon... THAT'S a cool feature of clear stamps, indeed! ALSO, check out that scrumptious teal ribbon, from PRACTICING CREATIVITY! Yummmmy! {I recently received my stamps and ribbon from Courtney ~so promptly!~ and can't wait to play with that, as well!}

I made TWO cards with this scrumptious palette, because IT WAS THAT FUN! hee hee

What great colors to welcome SPRING! I sure hope you'll grab some time to play along with Dawn's latest Color Cue... There is much excitement on her cute blog with many more fantastic examples of color possibility over there, featuring Dawn's own, gorgeous work and the MIGHTY paper-crafting talents of Savitri and Maile, so check 'em, gals! It's good, clean fun and wonderful inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by, lovely friends of the paper - CRAFT! {Oh, how we love it, so!}

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - WPLUS9design studio (Images and sentiments); Hero Arts (Cloud Background)
Ink - Stampin' Up!
Scallop Border & Oval Punch - Stampin' Up!
Ribbon - Practicing Creativity&May Arts (solid teal); Stampin' Up! (polka dot)
Embossing Folder - Cuttlebug
Die Cut Flower - Sizzix&Tim Holtz
Stickles - Tim Holtz/Ranger

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I've got a cue...

I mean.., a CLUE!

About color! I've got a CLUE about smokin' hot, glorious, uplifting COLOR!

Dawn's latest COLOR CUE.... nautical, fresh, dynamite... Wait, check out the swatch ~ Dawn Woleslagle's stunning colors of inspiration for her latest color challenge!

These colors evoke sooooo much possibility and I just had to offer a little bit of Wplus9DESIGN goodness, to play along with this terrific challenge.... I've been inspired by all of the participants so far and Dawn's wonderful "Just a Note" stamp set...

Oh, friends! I had FUN with these stamps and materials! This is such a versatile set!!! Sooooo much possibility ~ SINCERELY! {I stamped this while watching the Oscars! DOUBLE FUN!}

Anwhoo, Dawn is extremely generous with the time she allows to participate in her challenges ~ you still have until the 16th of March to play along, so NO PRESSURE, or anything, but I sure hope you do! *wink*wink!

Thank you, SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for stopping by! I hope your week is getting off to a nice start and that you have some time and good mo-jo for crafting! Yee Haw!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Transparency - Hambly
Stamps - Wplus9DESIGN
Ink - Stampin' Up!
Upper Crust Punch - Fiskars
Circles, Scallop and Corner Punches - Stampin' Up!
Ribbon - Michael's
Charm - Michael's

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brilliant color and fun, fun, fun!

Have you herd?

The Color Throwdown Girls are FUN! And I and been depriving myself of their COLORFUL influence and creative inspiration... Too many cool projects and materials and NEVER enough time {*wah!* } Well, I'm drying my eyes and tossing this little number in for the latest combo...

Pant! Pant! {I'm right at the wire, of course!}

Here's the festive color swatch!

I hope you're having a COLORFUL weekend! I'm rushing around trying to finish my chores before the Academy Awards get off the ground, but whatever YOU are doing, I hope it's colored with fun! Yipeee!

Supplies -

C/S - Card Stock
Stamps - October Afternoon (Cow and sentiment); Studio G (Barn)
Ink - Stampin' Up!; Versafine
Ribbon - MM
Texture Folder - Cuttlebug
Mini Staples - Tim Holtz

Friday, March 5, 2010

Blue Skies.... Smilin' at me!


In my last post I gushed about the many blessings I count as a result of the WONDERFUL and darling friends I have made, here in Blogland... {Yipeee!} And one of the proudest feathers I've added to my hat is the profound honor of being on Dawn Woleslagle's design team for her new stamp line, Wplus9Design Studio.... Wahooooo! It's been super fun working with her images, while getting to know the other FANTASTIC designers and their awesome work, a bit better!

Great fun, RIGHT thar! [That's what I'm talkin' about!] Soooooo, as if that wasn't PERK positive, enough....!!! Check this out ~ this week, Dawn is the sponsor of the JUGS challenge, #23! AND.... and.....! {wait for iiiiiiit...!} DANA, my IRL, BFF, of PaperDaydream, is this week's hostess with the mostest, for this round! So, basically, my worlds are colliding!

Here's the sketch!

And here's my take -

Another, rather simple, design for the old E-ster! I guess I'm really getting hypnotized by all of you clean and simple masterminds! {Sheesh, I feel like I owe Kelley royalties, every time I even think of using KRAFT card stock as my card base.... I'm not nearly as elegant, but it truly is addicting!} Anywhoo, I wanted to celebrate this cool sketch and keep my interpretation fairly true to the composition, while featuring my fun SKY inspiration.....

It's the season of clouds!

These are a little more extreme than the clouds I noticed the day before {and of course did NOT photograph! Doh!}, during the RAINY day that provided nice, subtle, gray and blue skies and cloud formations, behind our Buckeye tree branches, where a whole community of small birds were cavorting on and about.... But they inspired MY CARD, and certainly the use of Dawn's Love Birds set, and a brief exploration... of clouds!

Okay, don't look too close.. in fact, move your head back about 12 inches from the screen.... Whadday think? Does it look real? I made those suckers, allllll-by-myself! [Seriously! They were easy!] With just some little bits of sponge and some craft (pigment) ink pads! Can you stand a lil', mini tutorial? I'm DYING to share this fun lil' journey with ya'll... Check it O-U-T!

You can always select your own colors, but I chose Bashful Blue card stock, White Craft Ink, Bashful and Brocade Blue Craft Ink and a small dab of white acrylic paint...

Tiny pieces of sponge are fine! I, seriously, save the small bits that are still clean after I've used the larger end for something messy... Then I cut the clean part off to save... for A RAINY DAY! {hee hee - Literally!}

Start by lightly sweeping a bit of white craft ink dabbed on a piece of sponge across the Bashful Blue card stock, to create the "setting" for your cloudy sky...

Next dab it more firmly into the white craft pad... and push it with more pressure, onto the blue background....

Just dance it across the background, but TRY not to go too crazy! It's so tempting to keep dabbing and dabbing, but while you get the hang of CLOUDS, remember, less is more...

When you have a good "patch of clouds", select several to add "Brocade Blue" or another like color that is darker, and add it to some of the clouds...

While you are thinking like a cloud... remember that there's always a source of light that should stay consistent in your "cloud construction..." In this case, the sun is shining from the upper left corner of my paper, so the darkness of the clouds will be towards the bottom of the cloud formations....

Next, go back with some white craft ink... (I usually use one sponge for darks, one for lights), and accent along the where the sun would be brightest, then allow the white to mix over the top left of the dark accent... The craft ink stays workable, so you can mix! Don't worry about mistakes... clouds are quite remarkable in their diversity of formation! {Here's where I kick myself for not paying closer attention to 6th grade science when we learned about nimbus, cirrus and cumulus clouds... WHAT!?!} Well, what I've learned is that NO two clouds are the same, and when you attempt to render clouds, you definitely can't copy what you see - you have to allow them to develop! {Isn't that zen?}

After this, I hit the "scene" with my heat gun just to calm it down. Then I added Bashful Blue Craft Ink, subtly, across the bottoms of SOME of the clouds... More heat gun... Then, I, VERY CAREFULLY, added acrylic paint with my sponge, pinched VERY tightly, so that edges are soft, but tight! Dab in the HIGHEST of the white highlights.... Mmmmmmmm..... MAGIC! Of course, as you feel more confident, you can layer this technique upon itself, to make deeper formations of clouds... Suddenly, you may feel autumn coming on... Or is it a wispy, cloud-studded, mid summer kind of day? I wasn't ready to tackle the early Spring, in between RAIN storms, kind of sky, in the photograph of my back hill, but those clouds are educational!!! About an hour after this photo was taken, it started pouring, AGAIN!

Anywhoo, I digress... I'm just inviting you to PLAY! Play with your fun, fun {and oh, so plentiful!} supplies! Create, my darlings! If you like the results, you can stamp over the top of the dry image {I recommend pigment ink if you want opacity in your image...!}, layer die-cuts or silhouetted images.... and just have yourself a ball!

I sure hope you get inspired! Either by my sky, OR the fantastic JUGS challenge and the fabulous sponsor this week... {What was her name? OHHHHHH, Dawn! } That wonderful Wplus9DesignStudio sensation, herself, and a few of her other, SUPER TALENTED designers,

Ohhhhhh, goodness. I feel lighter now. Like I just dropped some LB's! I was DYING to share this discovery with you! I hope, hope, hope you'll try it! If so, drop me a line, and e-mail, a LINK to something you make! I'd be thrilled.... {No pressure, though! You know how I am.... }

And if you're still HERE, reading along with my ultra-long post {thanks!} and please join the JUGS girls this week, stop by Dawn's blog and consider picking up some of her cool stamps... OR maybe win some...!!! [AND, please tell 'em I sent ya!]

And, oh, just remember, whatever you do - HAVE FUN!!!! I'm DELIGHTED you stopped by!

Bye, now!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Ink - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - Wplus9DesignStudio
Border punch - EK
Circle Punch - Provo Craft
Circle Cutter - Coluzzle
Leaf Die - Sizzix/Stampin' Up!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So many friends....


Ain't it the truth! Oh, it's good to live and blog in a community full of such wonderful friends... I consider myself incredibly blessed! Even more, since I entered the blog-o-sphere, nearly ONE year ago {*gasp!*}...

I made a card with this, super-delish image from Dawn at WPLUS9 design, while thinking of friends with whom I NEVER seem to have enough time to catch up with, or shower with the type of thoughtfulness and tokens of love that I IMAGINE I should...

I stamped this glorious {and FUN TO STAMP!} tree image (from FUNKY FOLIAGE by Dawn Woleslagle - see her website for more info!) and just thought of the beauty and possibility in this fabulous design.... reminded me of y'all! AMAZING! Soooooo much potential in us all... so many different looks, likes and unique imprints we all make... It never ceases to fascinate me...

{Astonishingly clean and simple!} Some of you ROCKSTARS, who I adore, and who are routinely elegant and flawless in your use of clean, crisp images, can rest assured - YOU'VE INFLUENCED ME!!! And I love it! Golly, gosh, Blogland is a great place!

Speaking of great, I have to give a major SHOUT OUT to my darling and cherished friend, my FIRST friend, whom I was blessed to find, exclusively as a result of blogging, Rosemary! She is a wonderful, prolific and GORGEOUS card crafter and a dear, DEAR friend ~ in Blogland AND real life! She recently sent me this uplifting card, that found me during a particular challenging time ~

Ultimate success - a card that was flawlessly crafted and SENT IN THE MAIL to a friend who needed something special {and let's face it, NOT a bill!} in the old MAILBOX... Oh, Rosie GIRL, you're the BEST!

Anyway, F R I E N D S! I hope you enjoy these "friend inspired" images and have yourself a terrific rest of your day!

Supplies - ("I miss you" card only)

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - WPLUS9design
Ink - Stampin' Up!
Ribbon - Stampin' Up!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tickled GREEN to be here!

Hello, lovelies!

OMG! I have climbed the MOUNTAIN and reached the other side! Busy, busy, busy.... I don't want to ruin the mood, but I'll just say the mountain in question.... starts with "t" and ends with "a-x-e-s!" {Blech!} And just when I thought it was time to reward myself with FUN paper-play, a round of stomach un-pleasantries whirled through Ranch Durenberger... and, yeah. Not much fun there. But today the sun has broken through some VERY dark clouds and the shamrocks have pushed their proud green leaves through the considerable mud and muck... so, YEAHOOOO! It's March, babies! Here's to lots of good luck to us all! Kick up your heels and celebrate some spring! The signs are out there!

Just a note on ANOTHER celebration of the IRISH! {50% of my heritage ingredients... just sayin'}..... I know...! Some of you were creeped out by this Leprechaun, in his day. But, I *heart* him! He does the job, IMHO... I busted out a way-old, but highly coveted background stamp from S/U!, from long ago ~ it's the Irish Blessing! And then I just got all shamrocky and green with MORE stamps from Dawn and her WPLUS9 design studio stamps! Such FUN!

Whoopee! I don't know if I can still kick up my heels like this guy, but that's how I feel, now that the "mountain" is behind me! Thanks for always being patient with me when I step away from the blog to accomplish BIG GIRL things.... Hope to catch up with y'all soon!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
D/P - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - Stampin' Up! (Leprechaun, script background, circular label); WPLUS9design (branches with leaves and hearts, solid and line hearts used to make shamrock shape)
Ribbon - Stampin' Up!
Scalloped Circle Punch - Stampin' Up!
Scallop Border Punch - Fiskars
Metal "Kiss" Label - Tim Holtz
Acrylic Paint - Liquitex